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SharePlus is managed by the aviation professionals of Trade Winds Aviation, located at the Reid-Hillview Airport (KRHV) in San Jose, California. SharePlus members enjoy the reliability of a superior maintenance department, personal service, and the camaraderie of an active flying club. The SharePlus member is responsible for three things; the initial acquisition costs, an affordable monthly payment, and a low hourly rate. With SharePlus, the complexities of aircraft ownership have been replaced with convenience, time and choice.
Acceptance and delivery of aircraft
Maintain aircraft airworthiness in good standing
50 hour and 100 hour inspections
Avionics database updates
Administration, enforcement, settlement of warranty claims
Cosmetic touchups & repairs
AD compliance
Personal squawk consultation
Administrative and Pilot Services
With the support of a professionally managed aviation company, along with an active group of certified instructors, the infrastructure for our dynamic fractional aircraft program is sturdy and dependable.
In a traditional aircraft partnership, many of the ongoing aircraft and partnership management tasks can be very time consuming and tedious. Typical partnership accounting responsibilities include calculating fixed expenses, reserve fund management, usage reports, maintaining insurance coverage, as well as keeping the aircraft washed and waxed. In SharePlus, these services are all provided by the personnel of Trade Winds Aviation, this is what we do best. Leave the details to us, take more time for yourself!
Service Highlights
Pilot initial checkouts and currency
Flight training for ratings
Quarterly flight hours reports
Maintain insurance coverages 24 hour scheduling access
Fixed expense, engine and maintenance reserve reports
Scheduling assistance
Aircraft facility oversight
Manage share transfers and principal aircraft step-ups.
Private Air Travel Share
Although the majority of participants in the SharePlus Program are pilots, our proprietary fractional lease program is also suited for professionals and small companies who want access to their own fleet of aircraft for business use. Many businesses in California find regional travel time consuming and expensive. Trade Winds Aviation can provide the non-pilot private air travel services by providing a qualified professional pilot for hire on an hourly or daily basis.
The SharePlus Program is a predictable, safe, reliable, and affordable alternative to public air travel. You can bypass the parking delays and long security lines at the airlines, and long drives to the final destination. Instead, try a short drive to Reid-Hillview Airport, free parking, and a departure time based on when you are ready to go. In N5226R, the SharePlus 2006 Cirrus SR22-GTS, a flight to LA basin is an easy 2 hour trip! You can fly direct to the airport nearest your final destination, arrange ground transport and go. In business, time is money. With SharePlus, your investment in private air travel will quickly payoff.
Personal Service
The personal service offered by the Trade Winds group sets itself apart from other fractional programs, where the service centers are accessed with an 800 number for folks in another state, or another country. The SharePlus member not only has access to the services of the Trade Winds flying club, but will also enjoy 24 hour access to our comfortable facility.
Trade Winds Aviation recognizes that friendships and camaraderie are the recipe to a thriving flying club. With over 200 active members, Trade Winds represents a dynamic environment of dedicated pilots, CFIs, and aviation enthusiasts. Every year, Trade Winds hosts fly-ins to a variety of locations; 4-day trips to Catalina, a weekend in Tahoe or Sedona, or an afternoon of golf at Eagle Ridge in Auburn. All of these outings have been fun filled weekends where members can see new places, make new friends, and develop their flying experiences.
The sales and service team at Trade Winds is genuine and attentive, the atmosphere is authentic and professional. It is always okay to stop in, and sit down with John, Walt, or Patti and discuss new ideas, concerns, or simply relate a good flying adventure when the mood inspires. Make SharePlus your ticket to new friends, new adventures, and new flying experiences.