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    Rent an Airplane : FAQ's

    Rent an Airplane: FAQ's

    What is the best way to get an insurance quote based on my experience?

    There are hundreds of insurance brokers, but few aviation underwriters. It's important to understand the system. If you try to get a better deal shopping broker-to-broker, you'll find they all get quotes from the same eight underwriters: USAIG, AIG, Phoenix, AAU, W. Brown, London Aviation, HCC - US Specialty, AIM - Aerospace Insurance Managers, and ACE Aerospace. (AVEMCO is the only underwriter that sells policies direct.) The second insurance broker will call the very same underwriter that already bid (or declined) your policy the first time around. In fact, the first broker locks out the second (unless you sign a release designating the second broker to represent you.) So shopping around offers little advantage. It's important to start with a broker that will represent your needs properly. A broker that represents you improperly may cost you a higher premium or sometimes an underwriter will even refuse to bid. And, some brokers don't check all the underwriters on a regular basis. Don't get locked out from part of the market! Get a referral to find the best broker, the first time. Trade Winds sale agent works closely with select insurance brokers and can steer you in the right direction.

    How do I choose the right aircraft?

    This is one of the most important decisions you will face in this process. The aircraft should meet your personal standards of style and taste, as well as your mission specific needs, and of course, your budget. What will be the primary use of your aircraft? This is one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself. If you have a family of six and would like to take them on vacation once a year, but you are mostly going to be using your plane to commute sixty miles to work, you probably don't need to own a Cessna T206 just because it will hold the whole family. In the long run it would be much more cost effective to buy a plane more suited to practical needs and rent a plane for the longer trips, and annual family vacations. Think about what is important to you in an airplane and make a list, arranging it from most important to least important. This will help you determine which plane is right for you. Determine your budget: The purchase price of an aircraft is only part of the affordability. You must also consider the cost of operating and maintaining the aircraft. Being well prepared for your decision will insure that you make the right one. A worksheet for estimating hourly operating costs and engine reserves can be provided by a Trade Winds sales agent. Do you qualify for insurance in the plane you desire? Your experience level as a pilot may determine which type of aircraft you choose. Insurance premiums are based on your total time, time in type, age, airport, and hull value of the aircraft. It is important to research this aspect of an aircraft acquisition early, as it may require further training, or a different aircraft choice.

    Does Trade Winds Aviation sell both new and used aircraft?

    Yes, Trade Winds Aviation sells both new and used aircraft. As a Cessna CSTAR (Cessna Sales Team Authorized Representative) for the Northern California, Western Nevada region, all NEW Cessna Single Engine Piston aircraft are available for purchase through our dealership located in San Jose, California, at Reid-Hillview Airport Additionlly, Trade Winds can sell, consign, or take in trade, a well maintained used aircraft. Trade Winds Aviation is well established with an excellent reputation in the Northern California aviation community. in addition, with our national connection to the Cessna dealer network we have the ability to locate you a fine preowned aircraft that may not be otherwise advertised. We can also assist you in finding a partner for either a new or used aircraft.

    What kind of financing can I get for a new or used aircraft?

    Trade Winds Aviation works closely with Cessna Finance Company as well as many other national and local aircraft lenders. We can help you assess the best program for your needs and work closely with the lender to facilitate the sale. As interest rates change consistently, it is a good idea to call our sales agent to get up to date financing programs. We recommend you get pre-qualified right now! There are many aircraft lenders that can pre-approve you over the phone in as little as fifteen minutes, or you can apply online. Once you have been pre-approved, you are under no obligation to use the loan; it will just be there for you if and when you need it. Most lenders require a minimum of 10% down with a 10-20 year loan amortization. These aircraft lenders offer a low monthly payment with outstanding repayment terms.

    Can I get a demo flight arranged at my home airport?

    Absolutely! Give us a call and we can discuss your aircraft needs, acquisition timing, and get you into the cockpit of the aircraft you desire. If you haven't yet flown in the new Cessna G1000 glass cockpits, and are considering trading up your aircraft, don't waste anymore time - you have to 'ly it to believe it!' If you would also like a professional, multi-media presentation to your pilot's group, or professional group meeting, give us a call and we can present a virtual demo for a group of folks and/or bring a new Cessna aircraft to present.

    Does Trade Winds carry new Cessna aircraft in inventory?

    Often we do have a new aircraft in inventory, and if not, then we expect lead times anywhere from 1-3 months. Most customers choose to pick up there new aircraft at the Cessna factory in Independence, Kansas. On all G1000 aircraft, Cessna offers a 2 day factory training on the system, as well as a personal factory tour. The experience of picking up your new aircraft at Cessna - aviation's historical icon - and flying the first trip home on a long cross country is what flying s all about. Customers taking delivery locally will receive the 2-day training program at a Cessna Pilot Center.

    What is Cessna's warranty policy on new aircraft?

    The New Cessna aircraft warranty is 2 years on the airframe, engine, and avionics, and 1 year on the paint. Please ask a Trade Winds Aviation sales agent for the specific details on the warranty that applies ot your aircraft.

    How will Trade Winds Aviation support me after I buy my new or used airplane?

    As an authorized Cessna Service Center, Trade Winds is equipped to handle all new Cessna warranty work, including work on the new Garmin 1000. When you maintain your aircraft at a Cessna Service Center you will make sure to receive the latest G1000 updates, and compliance with all Service Bulletins and ADs. Our professional sales and maintenance staff can help you trouble shoot any problems with your aircraft and advise you regarding aftermarket upgrades to your aircraft.