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    Aircraft Maintenance Standards

    For the past two decades Trade Winds Aviation has been dedicated to providing the best quality product and service by maintaining the highest standard of excellence. It is this standard that makes Trade Winds Aviation a reputable industry recognized maintenance facility. We follow strict guidelines as set forth by the FAA, and have our own in house quality assurance program. What that means to our customer is we will provide you with a safe, well maintained aircraft, for a reasonable price, and in airworthy condition.

    What does airworthy mean to us?

    FAR part 91, subpart E, (91.403) is clear: "No person may operate an aircraft for which a manufacturer's maintenance manual or instructions for continued airworthiness has been issued that contains an airworthiness limitations sections unless the mandatory replacement times, inspection intervals, and related procedures specified in that section..." We do everything possible to assist the aircraft owner/operator adhere to this rule by using current data when performing maintenance on their aircraft.