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San Jose State University's Professional Flight Program



What is SJSU's Professional Flight Program?

The Professional Flight Program is an option for students pursuing a BS in Aviation at San Jose State University. This option will prepare the student for a career in flying through various courses. Some of these courses are credited by earning the Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot Certificates as well the Instrument Rating.

How is Trade Winds Aviation involved with this program?

The flight training involved with the Professional Flight Program must be completed at an affiliated Part 141 flight training school. Trade Winds Aviation is proud to be one of these affiliated schools and will help students get the professional training they need to be the pilots of tomorrow.

Does tuition pay for the flight training?

Unfortunately, no. All flight training costs are in addition to tuition paid to the university for regular courses. However, the student has the opportunity to apply for grants and deferred loans through their annual FAFSA which can then be applied to their flight training costs.