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San Martin Airport Cessna 172S G1000 2012 $184 per hour wet Hobbs Experience the 'Glass Cockpit' Garmin G1000 panel in this brand new Skyhawk. Equipped with XM Satellite Weather & Radio, Traffic Alert, a GFC 700 autopilot, and much more!

San Martin Airport Cessna 172S 2002 $178 per hour wet Hobbs Great to fly since it has all of the latest goodies, including a multifunction display. The SP is the 180hp, fuel injected version of the popular Cessna Skyhawk. Featuring better climb performance and 125kt cruise speed.


San Martin Airport Redbird SD 2021 $68 per hour ($78 for Non-Members) The Redbird SD is our brand new fully enclosed FAA Certified AATD. Inside the cockpit, wrap-around visuals and realistic flight controls totally immerses the pilot in the sights and sounds of flight. Features include traditional or glass cockpit displays, 6-screen (+200°) field of view, an instructor station next to the student and a complete terrain and airport database.