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    Buy an Airplane : Ownership

    Sole Ownership

    The ability to own your own aircraft is a reality for many pilots today. With interest rates at record lows and tax incentives for business-use aircraft, many pilots are able to acquire new aircraft for their personal use. Trade Winds Aviation provides the resources for you to determine whether sole ownership is the right path for you.

    Aircraft Leasebacks

    The choice to leaseback your new aircraft to a qualified flight school has many advantages, both financially, as well as for your flight training.

    The main advantage of leaseback aircraft ownership is the ability to offset and, in some cases, gain revenue through the rental of your aircraft. The maintenance and management support of your aircraft helps to mitigate the time and energy necessary to keep your aircraft in airworthy and good flying condition. The high costs of aviation insurance are offset by rental revenues, as well as the operating costs, maintenance and fuel costs.

    Aircraft Partnerships

    The option to partner in your new aircraft purchase with another pilot friend may be a good opportunity to share the initial capital outlay, as well as the ongoing operating costs and aircraft management time. As some pilots may not be able to justify sole ownership with their estimated 50 - 75 flight hours per year, partnership with one or more pilots may facilitate the purchase of a new aircraft.

    Ask your Cessna sales person for ideas on local pilots that may be interested in partnership.

    Fractional Aircraft Shares

    Another choice for acquiring factory new aircraft is through a fractional aircraft shares program. Trade Winds Aviation offers the SharePlus Program, located at our Reid Hillview Airport facility in San Jose, CA. The SharePlus offers 1/8, or 1/4 shares in several different factory new aircraft, for a fraction of the cost of a new plane.

    SharePlus pilots have access to all of the program aircraft through the Interchange Access agreeement. Aircraft availability is excellent due to the limited membership and unlike rental aircraft, there are no daily minimums flight hours.

    The initial capital outlay is minimal compared to sole ownership. Fractional aircraft programs offer an advantageous 'middle of the road' option for access to factory new aircraft.