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Introduction to SharePlus

It's Friday afternoon and you have weekend plans in Lake Tahoe. News radio reports that traffic leaving the Bay Area is down to crawl and you ....... smile! A quick trip to Reid-Hillview Airport and you're done with driving. Your new Cessna Skylane T182T is fueled and ready to go. You load your overnight bags and golf clubs and a few minutes later you're airborne climbing through 5000'; OVER the gridlock and headed for the Sierras! Relaxing in the comfort of leather seats, the G1000 avionics suite - coupled to the two-axis autopilot - guides you effortlessly to your destination on its large color displays. An hour later you touch down at Lake Tahoe airport with plenty of time left to enjoy dinner at a lake front restaurant while watching the sunset. Life in the Skylane, get MORE out of your weekends!

The acquisition and management of new aircraft within a fractional shares program can be very complex. The SharePlus Agreement provides a sound legal structure, interchange access to a fleet of new aircraft, and an affordable monthly finance plan. SharePlus is a proprietary fractional share arrangement which handles aircraft acquisition, aircraft and program management, interchange access, protection from typical partnership liability issues, sales and property taxes, aircraft and program operating rules and policies, and exit options.

SharePlus Benefits

Interchange Agreement

One of the most exciting aspects of the SharePlus program is the ability to exclusively access ALL program aircraft. The agreement is designed to provide a 1/4 share owner with 150 hours (average) of annual flight time or 75 hours annually with an 1/8th share in your principal aircraft. You can use more hours one year and less hours another year; hours are not 'lost' if you don't use them. The Interchange Agreement includes a unique system of Flight Points that allocates equitable cost factors throughout the fleet. As determined in the schedule of terms, the flight points are based on an hourly basis, determined by the hobbs meter. Flying an 'upgrade' aircraft uses up Flight Points (flight hours) quicker, and vice versa for flying lower cost factor aircraft. The program manager tracks and reports all available and used Flight Points. We oversee the complete compliance of equitable flight point distribution, and insure excellent availability of all aircraft.

Program pilots must be checked out in the program aircraft by a qualified SharePlus instructor, and must also meet certain insurance minimums before they are covered in all program aircraft. The Interchange Agreement allows a pilot to train, and build proficiency in a variety of aircraft, as well as make the most efficient use of his/her time in business or pleasure. Your exclusive membership in the SharePlus program, is your key to a new fleet of aircraft, the beginning of new friendships, and the promise of a dynamic flying experience.

Scheduling and Availability

The Shareplus Agreement Operating Rules insure fairness, safety, and efficient aircraft care and management. The Scheduling Policy details your Guaranteed Availability of the aircraft. All aircraft are dispatched through Trade Winds Aviation, located at the Reid-Hillview Airport in San Jose, California. Aircraft can be scheduled 24-hours a day through the Schedule Master program and are available for dispatch after office hours through a lock box.

How Scheduling Works

For example:

A ΒΌ share owner of the Cessna Skylane is assigned a priority every FOURTH week. ( for eighth share-every eighth week, or half share-every two weeks) The member must reserve their priority week three weeks in advance, or the priority week is forfeited and available for scheduling among any of the Shareplus pilots. The week starts Tuesday morning and goes to the following Monday night - insuring coverage of all 3 or 4 day holiday weekends.

One of the biggest concerns of new Shareplus pilots is the availability of the aircraft. This concern quickly disappears as they experience the excellent availability of the Shareplus aircraft. Most Shareplus pilots end of flying MORE and take longer trips as a result of having the aircraft at their convenience. It can be summed up by saying "You may not schedule every flight exactly when you wanted, but by the end of the year you will have done as much flying as you desired, and you'll know the aircraft availability allowed you to do so much more".

Member Testimonial

"With the SharePlus internet schedule program, phone-in scheduling and the Trade Winds Aviation dispatchers, you can't ask for more when it comes to planning trips. Also with exclusivity of the SharePlus Program, you can often decide to fly on Friday and have no problem with scheduling a plane for the weekend."

Marc B.
Imagine...Life in the Turbo Skylane!