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Flight Instructors

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Donald MacLennan

Advanced Flight Instructor CFI Don has been flying since 1993 and received his Instrument, Commercial, Multi engine and CFI ratings at Trade Winds Aviation. He also has an A&P certificate and occasionally helps out with maintenance. A flying enthusiast with 1800 hours of personal flying, he has made two Atlantic crossings and takes great pleasure in teaching new students how to fly. He has over 1000 hours in a Turbo Mooney and over 300 hours in a Cessna 421. Since retiring from the semiconductor industry, flying has become Don's passion and he would be very happy to share his experiences with you.

Rocky Kabotsky

Advanced Flight Instructor CFI

Seth Howell

Chief Flight Instructor, Senior Flight Instructor II CFI, CFII Seth is the Chief Flight Instructor and received his training out of the Reid-Hillview airport. As a CFI/CFII he has given over 4,000 hours of instruction in a variety of aircraft ranging from light sports to the C400. He is committed to providing a fun and safe learning environment. Whether you want to take your first introductory flight, expand to instrument training, or work toward the completion of your commercial certificate, Seth is excited to help you succeed!

Bob Arasmith

Senior Flight Instructor CFI, CFII

Gene Hudson

Assistant Chief Flight Instructor, Senior Flight Instructor II CFI, CFII, MEI Gene is an Assistant Chief Flight Instructor with over 16,000 hours of flight time. He is an FAASTeam representative, and has delivered over 1000 public presentations in the FAA Safety Program. He has lectured on aviation safety, human factors and precision/workload reduction flying techniques at national venues, including AOPA and the EAA (Oshkosh). He has experience in over 100 aircraft types, including singles, twins, piston, turbine, round gauge and glass cockpit aircraft. He has published articles in Plane and Pilot magazines, and the USAF magazine Safety. Gene has developed unique processes for teaching flight skills to a higher level of precision while reducing workload.

Erik Cutshaw

Flight Instructor CFI, CFII, MEI

Daniel Bradshaw

Flight Instructor CFI, CFII, MEI

Terry Blumenthal

Senior Flight Instructor II CFI, CFII, MEI